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2 Balance Drills to Improve Your Athleticism

You may not think about balance often, but it’s a basic skill required in practically every sport. From golf to tennis to baseball, adjusting your center of gravity to match your moves is the key to any sport.

Improving balance can prevent ankle injuries, improve performance, and improve ball striking. Here are some examples of balance exercises we like to do to help our athletes improve their complete athletic performance and durability.

  1. Single Leg Cone Pick-Up - Place cones in a half circle around the participant. Have the participant stand on one foot with the other leg at a 90 degree angle with the foot pointing behind the participant. Have them slowly pick up each cone all the way around the semi-circle. Use 4-8 cones at a time. Ultimately have the participant switch legs and repeat on the other side. To increase the proprioceptive challenge, place cones along the front perimeter of a trampoline. Then, have the participant perform the same drill.

  2. Single Leg Jump to Foam Pad Stabilization - Place a foam pad in front of the participant. Standing on one foot, have them jump onto the foam pad and land on the pad with the same foot. Once the participant lands, have them hold the position for approximately 3 seconds. Repeat the exercise on the other side. Perform this movement pattern on each side for 6-12 reps.

Balance training exercises strengthen core muscles and improve stability, making you a more powerful and consistent athlete.


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