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3 Things To Train To Be Golf Fit

The best fitness program for golfers is not one-size-fits-all. It is one that is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Improving your golf performance includes a custom endurance, speed, flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, and balance training program.

How does golf fitness training work?

1. Build stability and postural control Core exercises in this phase of training involve little motion through the spine and pelvis (i.e., floor bridge, plank) while balance movements involve minimal joint motion and focus on reflexive joint stabilization.

2. Strength Endurance This style of workout consists of a superset of similar motions performed with a strength and stability exercise variation executed one right after the other.  By combining the strength-based exercise with the stability-based variation, the prime movers are taxed first and then the stabilizers of the same area are further targeted with a slow tempo version of the same motion.

3. Create explosive forces to gain distance off the tee

You have to build the foundations above first. You can’t optimize explosive strength without first improving mobility, neuromuscular control, stability, and strength.  Explosive strength is crucial for sports performance. It’s all about producing force quickly. We do this with supersets consisting of high-load resistance exercises followed immediately by biomechanically similar plyometrics. Combining the two brings about post-activation potentiation, as the strength exercise stimulates the nervous system to recruit more motor units, so more muscle fibers are activated during the plyometric exercises. 

ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A STRONGER PLAYER? If you are tired of taking golf lessons only to struggle to perform the moves your coach is asking you to execute, we would encourage you to work with a personal trainer. Go through a fitness and golf assessment, learn where and how you can improve, and begin to see the impact on your game and start playing better golf!


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