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3 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Success


For many of us, myself included, we have a vision of the person we want to be and a life we want to have. From this, we determine our long-term goals and break them into smaller short-term goals to guide us on our path to success.


Committing to a goal can be a challenge, and because of that it is best to surround yourself with things and people that will aid your process.

Stimulus control isn't just the removal of influences; it can also be incorporating the presence of positive influences.

  • Ensure you have the things at home to succeed

    • Healthy eating choices in the refrigerator

    • Designated workout space

  • Spend time with friends and family who support and encourage your success

  • Follow pages on social media that provide valuable content and resources


Change is hard, but know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Have your goal written somewhere you will see it daily. This will allow you to focus your attention, give every effort, be persistent, and develop new strategies for handling challenging situations.


Sometimes, it is those we are closest to who may discourage our efforts. Family may give you a hard time for not indulging in a second helping at dinner. Friends may discourage you from staying in to study so that you go out on the town. Coworkers may bring tempting treats into the office.

Be ready for these situations! Think of a person you have a hard time saying no to (mom, best friend, spouse, coworkers, boss) and what they will tempt you with. Practice saying no:

Thanks for the invite ___________ (Person), but I’ve just started a new program, so I am not going to be able to go to ___________.

Practice your response to their rebuttal. It is likely they will not understand your commitment at first.

Thanks, but no _________ (Person). This is important to me and I want to remain committed to this goal.

No, ____________ (Person) that will not work for me. I am going to have to remain firm on this, but I appreciate your invitation. How about we ___________ (Positive Activity) together instead.

In the face of a challenge, remember your long-term vision. You decided to make a change to become better.


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