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Balance & Stability

Anyone who trains with Peak, from ages 8-80, knows that balance is a crucial component to performance and safety. For our athletes, balance is what allows us to control our body and maintain proper form throughout a motion. Whether it is swinging a golf club, dribbling a soccer ball, or going up to bat, stability and postural control are required to maintain consistency in our bodily alignment through your athletic movement.

Center of Gravity Our body’s center of gravity is the point around which all of our weight is evenly distributed. When training, we want to challenge your body by shifting the center of gravity by changing position, moving, and adding external resistance.

Base of Support Another way to challenge your balance is to reduce your base of support, the points at which your body is in contact with the ground. An easy way to do this is by bringing your feet closer together.

Proprioceptive Training When we train our athletes, we like to challenge their footing and work in proprioceptive exercises on unstable surfaces - single-leg, foam pads, bosu balls, wobble boards, etc. By doing so, our athletes gain a sense of control and joint awareness when their body is in motion.

If your balance is restricted, you are more prone to falls and injury. By challenging your center of gravity, base of support, and proprioception, you will begin to feel stronger and more connected with your body. Balance training exercises strengthen core muscles and improve stability, making you a more powerful and consistent athlete.


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