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Boost Your Confidence

Did you know, "research indicates that the factor most consistently distinguishing highly successful from less successful athletes is confidence? In fact, there have been over 200 papers published in the area of self-confidence and sport indicating that self-confidence is one of the most consistent predictors of sport performance." (1)

It's more than just your outward state Having a belief in yourself is critical to maintaining your fitness program or nutrition plan long-term. You want to believe that you are able to set goals, make plans, and follow through. Even more important, you want to believe that you can resume physical activity or a nutrition plan after a relapse. Having the confidence to resume and adhere to your plan is vitally important to your long-term success.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Expecting something to happen actually helps to cause it to happen. This phenomenon is common in both competitive sports and fitness programs. Negative self-fulfilling prophecies are psychological barriers that lead to a vicious cycle. Expecting failure leads to failure. Having the belief in yourself to follow your plan to reach your goals is a self-fulfilling prophecy we want all of our clients to get behind. Know that you can tackle the task(s) at hand and that you can attain your goal. Benefits of Self-Confidence Having self-confidence is characterized by a high expectancy of success. It can help you set goals, increase your effort, arouse positive emotions, and facilitate concentration. Having confidence can affect your feelings, thoughts, and outcomes.

Behavioral Change Coach Holly is a certified NASM Behavioral Change Specialist and helps our personal training clients and athletes set goals, increase motivation, and build their mental toughness. Reach out to schedule a virtual consultation: *Monday and Friday appointments available

(1) NASM Mental Toughness Course


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