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Dynamic Warm-Ups

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Ready to hit the golf course, join a pick-up game, or enjoy a round robbin? The way you warm up your body for physical training and competition can play a huge role in your performance. It may be faster to play or train after a couple quick stretches (or none at all), however, knocking out a simple dynamic mobility routine can put you on a path to success and reduce your risk of injury.

What Makes It A Dynamic Warm-Up?

Are you used to bending forward and touching your toes for 30-seconds to warm-up? Well that is the opposite of what we are doing when using dynamic stretching. We use the force production of your muscle and your body's momentum to take your joint through a full range of motion. The movement pattern mimics the demands you are about to place on it when in action. If working out with heavy weight squats, we will want to warm up with some bodyweight squats to get the muscles and joints ready to work.

How To Warm-Up

In general, we are looking to perform one set of dynamic stretches for 10-15 reps each. You will likely want to go through 3-5 movements to ensure your body is properly activated prior to your activity.

Example Warm-Up Exercises

  1. Arm Circles

  2. Mini-Band Shoulder Internal & External Rotation

  3. Leg Swings: Front-to-Back and/or Side-to-Side

  4. Knee Hugs

  5. Lunge with Rotation

  6. Bodyweight Squat

  7. Lateral Mini-Band Walks

What Makes It Ideal

A great dynamic warm-up will not only increase your blood flow and heart rate, but it will prepare your muscles and joints for more intense movement. It will improve the extensibility of the muscles that are stretched, improve joint range of motion, and improve the ability of all the muscles to function properly together.


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