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Exercise Is Medicine

A handful of years ago, Dr. Nicholas DiNubile wrote a very interesting article for the Huffington Post titled, The Pharmacologics of Exercise: Yes, Exercise is Medicine!. In this article, Dr. DiNubile outlines just how exercise is medicine. He discusses how exercise can be effective in the "prevention and/or treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions, from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to arthritis, back pain, and even certain mental health disorders and cancers. You can treat and prevent disease with it."

"Like medications, regular exercise results in relatively predictable, highly specific changes in the human body. These adaptations occur both centrally and peripherally and include structural, hormonal, and biochemical changes. Different types of exercise will result in different results."

"There is an optimal dose and dose-response curve for exercise depending on what you want to accomplish. And yes you can “overdose” (resulting in overuse injuries or overtraining syndromes which can result in structural and metabolic damage) and also “underdose” (where you really won’t enjoy the positive exercise effects you are seeking)."

It is never too early or late to start exercising. Set the example for the youth you influence by showing them what living an active life looks like. Help them ward off the onsite of preventable diseases and live their healthiest lives with our favorite medicine - exercise!

To read more, click the link above for the full article.


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