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Rest, Recover, Reach Your Goals

Working out helps us to relieve stress, improve sleep, stay focused, and boost our confidence. While we may want to push ourselves to our limits everyday, incorporating rest days and active rest days into our week is very important to our physical and mental growth.

Lack of recovery will result in chronic fatigue, which can lead to overuse injuries, sleep disturbance, sickness, and can significantly impact your psychological health. However, when we rest, we give our mind and body time to repair and restore our muscles. It's during rest that our muscles grow, and we make the most physical progress from our exercise.


Use your rest days to appreciate all the hard work your body has done for you during the week and to reflect on your successes.

  1. REFLECT - view yourself as a whole, rather than an hour workout, 30 grams of protein, or a good sweat.

  2. BE PRESENT - take this time to partake in activities that make you feel good and remind you to slow down and be present.

  3. KEEP IT FUN - Use your rest days to break the mold, keep life fun, and stay energized.


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