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Stimulus Control

Stimulus control isn't just the removal of influences; it can also be incorporating the presence of positive influences. Our brains are complex structures that make tackling the mental component of fitness challenging. We are creatures of habits, so breaking bad habits can be daunting without the right tools in place to guide and support you. THE NUTRITION-FITNESS CONNECTION The role nutrition plays in our lives is crucial to our overall health. What we fuel our bodies with impacts our mental, physical, and emotional state. Your nutrition, and what you do in the kitchen, is just as important to your long-term health as your fitness. STIMULUS CONTROL Stimulus control is just as much about incorporating positive influences as it is about removing the bad. We encourage you to follow the pages below so that you have helpful resources visible to you on a daily basis. Let's take a moment to talk about two "common struggles" we see from our clients when it comes to breaking nutrition habits. 1. Snacking: "I snack and don't know why. I just need to stop eating all the time." We encourage snacking! Having a healthy, thoughtful snack helps to prevent binge eating at meal time. Know and recognize the difference between stress eating and eating out of boredom. Eat when your body tells you it is hungry, and have the right items easily accessible.

Follow @collegenutritionist on Instagram for healthy snack and lunch prep ideas.

2. Accessibility: "It's in the house, so I eat it because it's quick, and easy." A major part of stimulus control is removing tempting items out of the home or out of reach. However, we understand, you are not the only person in your home, and some things you just can't get rid of. If removing the temptation altogether is not an option, we encourage storing things out of sight and into a less accessible area.

ENJOY FOOD Know what your food is doing for you and enjoy it. Do not attach emotional feelings to the food you consume. If you have a cupcake, you have not derailed your day or your diet. Know that it is a treat and that you can still reach your goal! Follow @ilanamuhlsteinrd on Instagram for more nutrition advice and fun recipes!


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