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3 Tricks to Preventing Plateaus

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Change and challenge is vital to the progression of your fitness advancements. Your Peak workout program is designed to adjust every week so you never get stuck in a routine performing the same motions over and over again. We want to ensure that we are working different muscles and performing motions in various planes of motion to prevent imbalances and improve your overall fitness.

If you have found yourself in a plateau, there are things you can adjust to promote your growth.


Reflect on the number of times you are working out each week. Many of us who are coming in cold need to start small with just two or three sessions of physical activity a week.

However, as you become stronger and increase your endurance, you will need to adjust your frequency and increase the number of times you exercise to continue improving at a similar rate.


Consider shifting the intensity of your workouts to reduce monotony and increase the physical challenge. Ask yourself how hard you tend to work while exercising, and try to push yourself a little harder each time.

As a reminder, to continuously improve with our fitness goals, we need to overload the neuromuscular system with physical demands continually. If we do not do this and our body gets used to the status quo, we will not see the results we desire.


Evaluate the length of time you commit to exercising each day you workout. If you typically go on a 15 minute walk, begin by increasing that by 5 minutes each week.

After just three weeks, you will have doubled the time you spend being active by walking.


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