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How to Reduce Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff stabilization exercises can be particularly beneficial for overhead athletes, individuals who perform overhead work, and golfers alike. These exercises can also be used as an injury prevention strategy to reduce your risk of shoulder pain.

What Does Shoulder Pain Stem From?

It is quite common to encounter significant shoulder pain around middle and older aged individuals. From research, we know that it commonly stems from shoulder instability and oftentimes an underactive or damaged rotator cuff.

Even more, as you continue to age, your likelihood to experience degeneration of rotator cuff muscles increase. To help prevent underactivity, injuries, and pain, effective rehabilitative exercises are advised for individuals of all ages.

EXERCISES YOU CAN DO FROM HOME Here are three exercises you can do at home with light weight dumbbells, a resistance band, and a swiss ball. Prone Shoulder Abduction on Swiss Ball

External Shoulder Rotation with Tube Band

External Shoulder Rotation with 90° Elbow Flexion


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