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How to Select an Online Training Program

When it comes to fitness training, every person's needs are different. As you select a program that is best suited for you and your needs, there are a few things to consider - personalization of the program, level of accountability, and your monthly investment.

Types of Training

1. Workout Prescription

Access mobile workouts on your own schedule to stay fit and active. Best for the self-starter who is looking for guidance and direction when working out. Low Accountability | $ You are solely accountable for your success. The cost for such programs are very affordable with a low monthly investment starting at $9.99/month.

2. Custom Workout Prescription

For the person looking to reach a specific goal. One-on-one weekly virtual coach support and customized mobile workouts designed for you and your needs. Best for the self-starter looking for specific results and personal attention from their coach.

Moderate Accountability | $$

Your coach is able to see if you completed your daily workout. Check in with your coach weekly via live virtual coaching calls to discuss your progress. The cost for custom workout plans are moderate starting at $100/month.

3. Live Virtual Group Class

Attend live virtual classes at scheduled times. Follow your coach on screen as he or she demonstrates movement, complete with great music tracks and some coaching, too. Best for the person looking to stay fit and active with increased accountability.

Moderate Accountability | $$

With Peak, you have a coach to guide you and one to check form of everyone participating. We keep you on track throughout the entire class. The cost for live, virtual group classes are moderate starting at $95.99/month.

4. Live Virtual Personal Training

For the person looking to reach a specific goal or who needs that extra accountability. Work out from home, one-on-one, in real-time with your personal trainer via Zoom. Programs are customized for your goals. Best for the person looking for a custom program for specific results and/or added accountability.

High Accountability | $$$

With scheduled one-one-one live sessions, your level of accountability is at it's highest. Your coach will guide you through your individual workouts and be able to monitor if you have completed any "homework". Every session, you will check-in with your coach to discuss your challenges and progress. Even more, your progress is assessed every 3 months. The cost for live, virtual personal training programs start at $300/month.


Your investment level equals your program personalization + your level of accountability + your results.

Investment = Personalization + Accountability + Results


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