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Keep 'Em Active!

Looking for things to do to keep the kids and family active during the Thanksgiving holiday? Here are a few creative games to play to expend some energy!

Balance Beam

Probably the easiest game to setup, this one is great for all ages! Using painter’s tape, tape down a line of any length, and give it a go. Challenge your child to follow the line all the way to end without stepping off the tape.

  • Angles: Try taping down further lines at different angles. Spirals and zig-zags are always fun. This is one of those physical games for kindergarten readiness that is easy to practice.

  • Backwards: Switch up the challenge by having the child walk the tape line backwards or with eyes closed (socks off so they can feel the line).

  • Other variations: Walk the tape line heel-to-toe or try jumping down the line (both feet still on).

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses can be fun indoor or outdoor games to play with kindergarten-aged children through adults, just depending on the intensity level you create. Here are some ideas for your course that you can create:

  • Put down pillows or couch cushions for the kids to jump from one to the next. Or, the kids could jump over the pillows or cushions!

  • Climb over ottomans.

  • Crawl under tables.

  • Allow only jumping/somersaulting/crawling/crab walking from one area of the course to another.

  • Put down some balance beams as described above.

  • Perform various exercises such as 20 jumping jacks, etc.

Sock Bean Bag Toss

A great use for that large Amazon box you were about to recycle. Cut holes of various widths and shapes and assign point values to each one. Flip the box upside down and you’ve got an instant carnival-style bean bag toss. You can use soft socks to toss or small balls such as ping-pong balls.

Whether you grab the baseball and bat and head outside or opt to play indoors, do something fun and active as a family this week and create some lasting memories.


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