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Lacking Motivation?

"I want to lose weight and get in better shape, but I am just not motivated."

Very often, this is what we hear. Our clients, friends and family have the desire to be different, but the desire to take the necessary steps isn't there.


To help, we break it down into tiny pieces. Let's start at the beginning and determine the "why". Why do you want to change? Often times, there are other influences in play, but we try to narrow it down to the person themselves. Sometimes improving health and wellness is the reason, but often times it is to feel more confident and to improve self-esteem. Once we outline the reason why someone wants to change, it is easier to stay motivated knowing that overtime, we can attain that goal.


That leads us into the next piece. Attaining fitness goals usually takes time. Losing weight and getting into better shape is a journey. It will not happen in one week or one month. Depending on your specific goal, it could easily be anywhere from a 3 to 12-month commitment. When working with a coach, they will help you break this journey down into reasonable steps. You will have manageable milestones to accomplish based on tasks specific to your goal.


With that said, if you knew that in a given amount of time you will love who you see in the mirror, would you do it? Would you make the commitment to yourself to be the person you want to be?

Always remember your why.


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