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Maintaining Your Fitness Routine Over The Holidays

The holiday season has a tendency to uproot our fitness routines. Whether you are staying in town or hitting the road for the holidays, it is important to maintain your wellness and prioritize your health. Keep your mind and body active with 15-30 minutes of activity to stay energized and ready to socialize!

You may have limited time and/or space during the coming month, so the exercise routine you choose matters. Think - comfortable, accessible and low-maintenance. Your exercise program should aid in the relief of any uncomfortable sustained sitting positions and energize you by promoting movement and circulation.

Equipment Free "At-Home" Workout to Try


  1. Child's Pose - Center, Left, Right

  2. Downward Dog


  1. Bird Dogs

  2. Dead Bugs


  1. Warrior Pose 3


  1. Glute Bridge Abductions

  2. Multiplanar Lunges

  3. Incline Pushups

  4. Plank Shoulder Taps

More Options

Whether you do the routine above or something different, be sure to incorporate movement in some form regularly. Try to move your body in different planes of motion—not just forward and backward—but with some overhead reaching and lengthening of the muscles, rotating the body with control and moving to increase your heart rate.

If the weather is pleasant, take advantage and go for a walk, run, bike ride, or trip to the ski slopes.

Looking for more variety? Utilize mobile workouts, virtual classes, or search for gyms and classes at your destination.

Ultimately, the exercises you do should make you feel good, so execute a routine that feels best for your body and use it to promote your overall health and well-being this holiday season.


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