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Make Good Choices

As fitness coaches, we are here to encourage and support you in reaching your goals. Often times, when listening to our clients challenges, we observe a very common thread that tends to challenge everyone - making good food choices.

At Home Or On The Road

No matter your environment, what you consume can either make or break your progress. What you purchase and bring into the home and where you stop to grab food makes a big impact on the temptations you are presented with and your ability to stay on track.

At Home

When grocery shopping, go in prepared with a list. Resist the urge to purchase processed, bagged and boxed items. Steer for the perimeter of the grocery store where you will find mostly fresh, nutritious offerings.

On The Road

When on the road, travel with prepared snacks in your bag to reduce the urge to splurge. If prepared snacks are not realistic for you, be thoughtful when deciding where to stop and select the most nutritious options to fuel your body. Don't visit establishments you know will tempt you to make poor choices. Instead, opt for locations you have had success with in the past.

Portions Are Key

Making good choices doesn't mean you cannot enjoy the foods you love! The key is to enjoy things like sweets, salty snacks, or heavy carbs in moderation. For example, some of us LOVE pasta and breads. With that said, when portioning a plate of food, it is important to make sure there is a healthy balance with fresh vegetables and proteins to ensure a balanced meal. Similarly, with sweets or salty snacks (cookies, crackers, chips, etc.) it is crucial to portion out an appropriate serving, store the remainder out of sight, and enjoy your treat. By properly portioning snacks, treats, and comfort foods, we are able to incorporate them into a healthy diet and still stay on track!


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