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Something Getting In Your Way?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Every time I get into a routine, something comes up that derails me."

Do you want to know a trick to prevent this from happening? Do you want to know what to do when it does happen? Your Peak coaches have a couple of tricks to guide you through this common struggle!


"Create a plan around your life, not a life around your plan," says coach RJ Milford, PGA, TPI, CPT, GFS. If we work our program around our work, family, social life and the like, you are likely to be happier and remain committed to achieving your goal. Coordinate your weekly workouts and rest days accordingly.


If there is an area of challenge that you know usually gets you off track, prepare yourself to change the outcome. For example, if visiting mom always ends up with you overeating at dinner because she insists you need seconds, plan to control that situation the next time it arises. In this example, we would encourage you to share your goals and your plan with your mom. Tell her how important following through is for you and ask her to be a part of your support system and success. By including her in your journey, you will be gaining a cheerleader and avid supporter.


Life happens. We may have a well thought out plan, and then sometimes there are unpreventable circumstances that get in the way from executing that plan. When this happens, don't give up. Just like increasing weight when working out, challenges only make us stronger. Adjust and strategize how you will move forward and then follow through.

Plan. Stay Strong. Follow Through.


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