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We Get What We Train For, We Keep What We Do

Preventing Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

It is well-accepted that Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. A lousy diet, micro-nutrient deficiencies, physical inactivity, and other elements raise cholesterol and blood pressure exacerbating our bodies inflammatory response and increase our risk.

Healthy daily habits, patterns, and practices are the foundation to preventing that risk. Train with a purpose of improving your cardiovascular health, and stay moving! Here are 5 pillars to improving your health and reducing your risk of Cardiovascular Disease:

1. Movement

Be physically active and train your body to improve. Go on walks, get chores done, play a sport, and exercise with a purpose. The key is to stay in motion.

2. Diet

The role nutrition plays in our lives is crucial to our overall health. What we fuel our bodies with impacts our mental, physical, and emotional state. Your nutrition, and what you do in the kitchen, is just as important to your long-term health as your fitness.

3. Rest and Recovery

Lack of recovery will result in chronic fatigue, which can lead to overuse injuries, sleep disturbance, sickness, and can significantly impact your psychological health. However, when we rest, we give our mind and body time to repair and restore our muscles. It's during rest that our muscles grow, and we make the most physical progress from our exercise.

4. Stress Resilience

Acute stress is commonly associated with a reduction in appetite and reduced body weight. However, chronic stress can lead to overconsumption of hyper-palatable foods, resulting in increased weight gain.

  • Pause

  • Breathe

  • Let go of what you cannot control

  • Take a moment to see the bigger picture

  • Try your best to stay constructive

  • Visualize success.

5. Purpose

We get what we train for; we keep what we do. Know your goal and your path to reaching that goal. Your purpose will lead your actions.

Your current health and age does not define you. Know where you are at and make a plan for where you want to go.


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