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3 Tips for Minimizing Holiday Weight Gain

Losing or maintaining weight over the holiday season is an essential goal for many of us, and we want to do that in a healthy, sustainable way.

Here are three ways to have a healthy approach to eating during the holiday season.

1. Position Yourself for Success

  1. Keep things as normal as possible and limit the amount of holiday treats you keep in the home. When grocery shopping, stick to your standard list and meal habits.

  2. Be Mindful When Celebrating. When attending parties, be conscious of where you position yourself. Are you standing next to the buffet of food or where treats are within an arms reach? Consider your proximity to temptation and how this will impact your eating behaviors.

2. Consider Your Alcoholic Beverage Intake

  1. Alcohol is what we would consider an empty calorie. What this means is it is not overly filling and provides no real nutrition for your body.

  2. When consuming alcohol, for many of us, our judgement is impaired and we tend to consume more calories from food. Alcohol consumption increases your appetite, and consequently, your total caloric consumption.

  3. Being mindful and limiting your beverages can drastically impact your total caloric consumption.

3. Enjoy Your Holiday Favorites - In Moderation

  1. Indulge in your favorite foods, just control the portion sizes and do not overeat.

  2. If you have a food you enjoy most, don't stop from getting seconds. Just don't get seconds of everything and make sure your second helping is portion controlled.

  3. Can't choose just one favorite? Enjoy a little of everything in smaller portion sizes to accommodate.

Be mindful of your food choices and work to keep things relatively balanced. If the choices you are making are mostly in line with your goals, then you can navigate the holidays with ease.

The holidays are an opportunity to enjoy festivities with family and friends. Celebrate with those you love and hold dear as it is a crucial part of your health and fitness journey.


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