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Fitness for the Family

Our current times have created many adjustments in all aspects of life. Most importantly, the children in our lives have felt the impacts of these changes. School, sports and group activities have been limited or cancelled. We are here to help you generate fun and inventive ways that benefit your daily routine.


Routines contribute positively to social and emotional advancement in children, but as we all know we have to adjust as needed!

Shelter-in-place protocols can call for families to stay indoors as much as possible, with allowances for walks and exercise outside throughout the day.

At a minimum, children need 60 minutes a day of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.


  1. Regular exercise for children can increase bone health.

  2. A child's fitness routine can lower body fat and reduce tendencies for chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.

  3. Exercising can strengthen muscles and increase cardiovascular health - as most exercises should be aerobic in nature.

Without getting overly complicated, the goal for exercise with kids is to keep things light and fun. For kids to get moving, and to do so willingly, they have to be enticed with fun activities that make them smile!


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