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The "Connection" in the Backswing

The backswing is an essential part of the golf swing, and although you may not make contact with the ball in the backswing, it does lay a foundation for properly sequencing the body.

There are many different swings out there, and if you look on tour, there are a lot of differences between each player. However, one consistent movement that you are going to notice is how the shoulders and chest begin the backswing and how there is a distinct connection that lies between the two.

If the lead arm (arm closest to the target) begins to separate outside of the chest initially in the backswing, then the upper body’s rotation is going to be inhibited. If an adjustment is not made in the swing, a resulting factor could be early hip extension and a lot of forearm rotation through impact. This will lead to shots that go in two different directions and challenge the player to move the ball from left to right.

To improve the connection between the lead arm and the chest, take a towel and tuck in underneath the lead-arm’s armpit. While you make the backswing, keep the towel tucked underneath the lead arm. This will help maintain your connection between the lead arm and the chest to improve your upper body rotation.

If you’re still struggling with this movement, do the “hug drill”. Take a large ball, like a Swiss Ball, and put yourself in your 7-iron posture. Then, squeeze the ball tight and make your turn back. This will promote a more connected move in the backswing and force you to make a connected rotation between your lead arm and torso. It will also place yourself in a repeatable position at the top of the backswing.

Good luck out there on the course!


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