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Youth Training: Benefits & Tips

Physical activity has positive effects and plays a major role in the development of our youth. At Peak, we like to begin incorporating fitness into routines as early as three years old.


  • Improve sleep habits

  • Limit risk of obesity

  • Limit risk of chronic disease

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Reduce depression

  • Promote healthy bone growth and muscle development

PROGRAMS FOR KIDS Most importantly, whatever you do with your kids, keep it fun! This will play a major role in enjoyment, desire to participate, and overall motivation. As a child develops, starting at 6 years old, we encourage three days of moderate-to-vigorous activity for 60 minutes at least three days a week. Activities should focus on body weight exercises that increase balance and stability. When performing moves, the focus should be on execution - slow and controlled. We want to build a stable foundation for heavier lifting down the road.


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