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More Than A Number On The Scale

Depending on your goal, weight may not be the best metric to calculate success. I may want to improve my overall wellness or I may wish to increase my muscular tone. With these and many other goals, stepping on a scale is not the best way to measure success.


When setting your goal, evaluate how you will know when you have achieved it. In the example of improving my overall wellness, I may want to increase the number of times and length of time I exercise every week. Measuring success would be tracking the total times I exercise and duration of workouts.

If my goal is to increase tone, we will likely see this when looking in the mirror or putting on clothes. With that in mind, we encourage static photos from front, side and back as well as circumference measurements at key points on the body to track changes.


When setting a goal, it is very important to hold yourself accountable and self-assess. Track your workouts, take photos, take measurements, do whatever it is that will enable you to ensure you are on track. Check-in with yourself every month, 2 months, 3 months, etc. to correct where needed and celebrate your successes.


No matter your goal, and no matter the metric, there is one key factor that will help drive you to success - accountability.

One way we can increase our accountability is by sharing our goal and journey with others. Tell your friends and coworkers and share your endeavor on social media. When you know that others will be watching and checking in on your progress, you will feel much more accountable to following through and achieving success.


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