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Exploring Jacksonville, FL: Fun Ways to Stay Active with Your Kids

Living in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida provides countless opportunities for families to engage in outdoor activities and enjoy an active lifestyle. With its stunning beaches, lush parks, and numerous recreational facilities, Jacksonville offers a wide range of options to keep both parents and children entertained while staying active. In this blog, we will highlight some exciting ways to stay active with your kids in Jacksonville, ensuring quality family time and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Hit the Beach:

With over 20 miles of sandy beaches, Jacksonville offers the perfect playground for outdoor fun. Spend a day at Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, or Atlantic Beach, and engage in various activities like building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, flying kites, or simply splashing in the refreshing waves. Take long walks along the shore, collect seashells, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline.

Explore Parks and Nature Preserves:

Jacksonville boasts an abundance of parks and nature preserves, providing ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. Visit the expansive Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail, where you can hike, bike, or rollerblade through scenic trails surrounded by nature. Take your kids to the beautiful Treaty Oak Park, known for its ancient oak tree, and enjoy a picnic while basking in the shade. Don't miss out on the breathtaking views at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, which offers hiking trails, biking paths, and a freshwater lake perfect for kayaking and fishing.

Visit Adventure Landing:

For a day filled with thrills and excitement, head to Adventure Landing. Located in Jacksonville Beach, this family-friendly amusement park features go-karts, mini-golf, laser tag, batting cages, and an arcade. Engage in friendly competition with your kids, challenge them to a round of mini-golf, or experience the exhilaration of go-kart racing. Adventure Landing guarantees a fun-filled day for the whole family.

Embrace Water Sports:

Being surrounded by water, Jacksonville offers plenty of opportunities for water-based activities. Take your kids kayaking or paddleboarding along the St. Johns River, where you can explore its scenic beauty and encounter local wildlife. Consider enrolling your family in surf lessons at one of the surf schools in Jacksonville Beach, where you can learn to ride the waves together and enjoy the thrill of surfing.

Explore the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens:

Combining education and outdoor fun, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is a must-visit destination for families. Spend a day exploring the diverse wildlife and beautiful gardens while learning about conservation efforts. Enjoy interactive exhibits, feed giraffes, and witness captivating animal shows. The zoo also hosts various events and workshops catered to children, making it an engaging and educational experience for the whole family.

Join Sports and Recreation Programs:

Jacksonville offers numerous sports and recreation programs tailored for children of all ages. Enroll your kids in local youth sports leagues, such as soccer, basketball, or swimming. Take advantage of the city's recreation centers and community pools, where your family can participate in swimming lessons, water aerobics, or other group activities.

Bring the Family to Peak Fitness

We'd love to see you at Peak Fitness for a workout with your family! Train with the best instructor in St. Johns while having a blast with the family.

Staying active with your kids in Jacksonville, Florida is both easy and enjoyable, thanks to the city's abundant outdoor spaces and recreational facilities. From beach adventures and park explorations to amusement park thrills and water sports, Jacksonville offers a wide range of activities to keep your family active and entertained. Embrace the natural beauty of the city, engage in physical activities together, and create lasting memories while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for your children. Get out there and discover all that Jacksonville has to offer for family fun!


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